Albert Einstein

Theoretical Physicist, One of the greatest minds in history, One of the Founding Fathers of Modern Science


"I want to know how God created this world, I want to know his thoughts."


"Life is like a bisycle, to keep balance, you must keep moving"


albert in 1921

If someone were asked, “who is likely the smartest person in history?” Their first thought would probably be Albert Einstein. A likely candidate of consideration would be the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein as he is known for being one of the most revolutionary and influential physicists to have ever been on the scene of quantum physics. Some of the discoveries that Einstein made paved the way for certain revolutionary innovations like the satellite and laser telecommunication technology which has allowed people in the modern-day to accomplish feats anywhere from calling and texting on their supercomputer smartphones to NASA being able to perform intergalactic research and having a better understanding of the laws that this universe abides by. Einstein wasn’t just some smart guy though as he was also a cultural icon due to his quirky and passionate personality. The term einstein may seem familiar as it tends to be used as a sarcastic term to refer to someone who would be considered as unknowledgeable in a certain situation or to refer to someone as overly and unnecessarily knowledgeable. You know you’re good at what you do if people use your name as a complement to other admirable people. From his theories of relativity and the groundbreaking equation E=mc^2 to his admirable sometimes goofy personality, Albert Einstein was such a revolutionary physicist and a cultural icon in media that Time magazine even named him the person of the century. Not to mention he has also won a Nobel prize in physics. But what specifically did the legendary Einstein discover and why did it make him so world-renowned.

Ultimately, Einstein was a revolutionary physicist who changed the world with his ideas. He was a man who has inspired millions of people. A man who gave great contributions to the world and mankind as a whole. Rather that be through his discoveries or through his rebellion to a flawed system, he managed to change the world. He was also a very passionate person who loved music. He wasn’t exactly religious as he denounced religion when he was young yet there is evidence that suggests that he did believe in God. As the quote from earlier, which was a quote he gave on his deathbed, stated, “I want to know how God created this world.” Einstein was also a clever man that had a charming, quirky personality that was depicted perfectly in the classic photo of him sticking his tongue out to mock the paparazzi who were harassing him at the time. It was once asked for Einstein to explain his theory of relativity and he said, “put your hand on a hot stove for a minute and it seems like an hour, but sit next to a beautiful woman for an hour and it seems like a minute.” It was this personality of his that made him stand out and become a cultural icon. Einstein is one of the most important people in history because of his game changing ideas and innovations. Even so many years after his death in 1955, he is still changing the world of science to this day.